We were established to provide intergrated services related to accounting, tax and financial for corprations in 1997.

Our services

We will offer a service based on the following process and respond to customer needs quickly by a variety of experiences and behavior.

Fund Back Office Service

Consulting structured finance/taxation, assisting paperwork, and preparing applications as overall fund support.

Financial Advisory Service

Structuring deals regarding M&A and financial counseling about due diligence etc.

Consolidation Support

Preparing disclosure materials for financial statements (disclosure support) and supporting valued consolidated accounting.

Initial Public Offering Support

Assisting from advising on necessity of initial stock offering to backing up thoroughly after the IPO.

Operating Corporation

Corporate Accounting / Tax consulting, Bookkeeping, File Tax Returns.

Other Services

Corporate Governance, IFRS

About us

Name Tokyo Financial Accounting Corporation
Founded October, 1997
Address Gojinsha Tokyo Nagatacho Bldg. 9F 1-11-28 Nagata-cho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0014, Japan
Contact TEL : +81-3-3539-3244 / FAX : +81-3-3591-6641
Representative Gen Nose (CPA, Tax Accountant)
Number of Employees 25 (as of end of December, 2015)
  • 5 CPA
  • 8 Tax Accountant
  • 2 Assistant CPA /Assistant Tax Accounting
  • 1 Certified Administrative Procedures Specialist
  • 9 Other staff
Affiliate Group
  • Tokyo Financial Advisers (Stock Valuation, Due Diligence)
  • Tokyo Advisers Singapole Pte. Ltd.
  • Tokyo Financial Group Hong Kong Limited.

Managing director's profile

Gen Nose (Representative Partner, CPA, Tax Accountant)

Passed Secondary CPA Examination
Graduated from the faculty of economics at Chuo University
Joined PricewaterhouseCoopers Aarata (formerly ITO Audit Corporation)
Registered as a C.P.A.
Founded Tokyo Financial Accounting Corporation (formerly Nose Accounting Firm)
Registered as a Tax Accounting
Became a committee for tax affairs at Tokyo Chapter, JICPA.
Became a committee for accounting at Tokyo Chapert, JICPA.
Joined BDO Toyo & Co.
Became a committee for expert group audit study support consumer finance at JICPA
Became a auditor of Lehman Brothers Japan INC.
Became a guest lecturer at Chuo University
Became a special committee for IFRS validation & acounting at JICPA
Became senior partner for BDO Toyo & Co.

Contact us

Please contact us if you have any question about acounting.